The rising star of the Sushi world with its "Nigiri Only" philosophy establishes a new brand

After shaking up the Sushi world, the young sushi craftsman Hiroyuki Sato from "Hakkoku" opens a new restaurant. After obtaining a Michelin star in only half a year as the Head Chef at "Sushi Tokami" in Ginza, he now serves authentic Edomae sushi at this family friendly shop.

Head Chef: Takehiro Arakawa

I can't wait to see what kind of chemistry we'll create as we line up with other high profile restaurants in a single location. Enjoy the best of our daily recommendations and add to them as you wish. We want to be a place where you can chat with the chefs while enjoying delicious food.

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Phone Number:03-6450-2800(Only Dinner)

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