Hiroo Pork Cutlet Hitomi

The specialty shop of the legendary Junichi Hinata

This is a new business model by Junichi Hinata, head chef of "Ginza Katsutsuki", Japan's first course only tonkatsu restaurant and highly acclaimed by tonkatsu lovers. Junichi Hinata, who has established a number of highly acclaimed restaurants, has created a tonkatsu specialty restaurant with a concept unique to Hiroo that is also welcoming to women. In addition to the standard filet and loin, you can also get ribeye and rare rump on the tonkatsu set menus.

Producer : Junichi Hinata

Historically there has always been a lot of famous tonkatsu restaurants in the area of Hiroo, Meguro and nearby Shirokane . In developing this restaurant, I tried to consider “what is the best tonkatsu restaurant where women can feel at ease going?” I hope you will enjoy our tonkatsu, including the special and rare parts of tonkatsu that are loved by tonkatsu fans.

Restaurant Information

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TEL:03-5422-8141(Dinner only)