Yakitori Sada Juurou Kakomu

The incredibly popular Azabu Juban Yakitori shop "Sada Juurou" is now coming to your daily life.

The well-known yakitori shop "Sada Juurou" in Azabu Juban. You will not only find the famous "Jukusei Chicken" but also the newly developed "Sada Juurou Spice Chicken Curry". Enjoy the taste of authentic Yakitori.

Yakitori Chef: Soujiro Goto

After Azabu Juban and Ebisu, we were looking to open a restaurant where we could interact more closely with our customers. Satajurou Tsukune or Hinatori are among the more dedicated mature chicken dishes we have to offer. We also have spicy chicken curry for lunch.

Restaurant Information

Opening Hours
12:00-15:00 /17:00-23:00(22:00L.O)/To Go:21:30L.O.
Saturydays,Sundays,Holidays Open 12:00
Phone Number
Regular Holiday

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