le bistrot des bleus

A Parisian-style bistro where you can casually savor traditional French cuisine

In our meticulously designed interior, every detail is crafted to evoke a refreshing Parisian atmosphere in the heart of Tokyo. “le bistrot des bleus” is a French phrase that translates to "The Bistro of the Blues"—where the color blue in France signifies sincerity and freedom. The cuisine is supervised by Kazunari Nakamura from LA BONNE TABLE. Enjoy engaging conversations with our youthful cuisiniers and savor the delightful and inspiring dishes.

Culinary Supervisor : Kazunari Nakamura

With a longing for French cuisine and a dream of becoming a French chef, I leaped into this world in my youthful days, fueled by emotions and passion. We, as a united team, aim to embody the romance and spirit of French cuisine. At “le bistrot des bleus”, our dishes reflect the essence of classic French gastronomy. We invite you to freely and casually indulge in our à la carte offerings, hoping to bring you joy through the experience of French culinary tradition.

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