The Mexican Restaurant that New York fell in love with has arrived in Japan

This much talked about Brooklyn restaurant, that received their first Michelin star only a few months after opening in June 2018, have now opened their first restaurant in Japan. Owner Justin and chef Chris where childhood friends, and they also have history with the Salam chef Fumio Yonezawa from their time at the three star French restaurant, Jean-George, in NY. Look forward to unique and innovative Mexican food that draws out the best of each and every ingredient.

Chef: Justin Bazdarich

I look forward to the challenge in Hiroo, where, even compared to the rest of Tokyo, many global minded people with high standards gather. I want to create an atmosphere that is unique to Tokyo only. People will be able to experience a new taste of Mexican food and a combination of ingredients that has never been seen in Tokyo before. They will be surprised by the new possibilities of Mexican food.

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Weekdays 11:30-15:00(14:00L.O.) / 17:30-23:00(21:00L.O.)

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