The chef from "Melo Grano", the well known Italian restaurant in Hiroo, presents a trattoria fashioned drawing on the atmosphere of southern Italy

" Taratatà", named after the image of various food cultures, various styles colliding and combining. While you wait for the pasta to be cooked, delight yourself with delicious wine and appetizers that have a southern Italian flair. Look forward to the creations of the chef Yuji Goto who learned his craft at a two star Sicilian restaurant.

Owner and Chef: Yuji Goto

It has been five years since we opened Melograno here in Hiroo in the shopping district. As we were looking to open a second restaurant, more casual where you can walk in without reservations and still enjoy a stylish meal, we were delighted to be invited to join THE RESTAURANT. The impressive lineup and the fascinating concept is very appealing, and we see this as a great opportunity to grow.

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