A meaty Wagyu burger developed by a long established yakiniku restaurant!

The juicy patty is made from 100% coarse ground wagyu, grilled in house. Wrapped in buns baked from an original method and completed with the original sauce, this burger will satisfy your hunger and your heart. Truly a power food.

Brand Manager: Atsuko Ogitani

It's going to be a place where all the different chefs' ideas come together and you can feel the energy. We want to host a variety of events that can be enjoyed by both our customers and our staff. Our restaurant will be a place where customers can watch their favorite wagyu burgers being cooked, drink craft beer, and bite into freshly grilled hamburgers. That's the kind of lively atmosphere we want to create.

Restaurant Information

Opening Hours
Weekdays 11:30-15:30(15:00L.O.)/16:30-21:00(20:30L.O.)
Saturday,Sunday,Holiday 11:30-21:00(20:30L.O)
To Go 21:00L.O.
Phone Number
Regular Holiday
Only Dinner

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