Bistro Némot

The close relationships with the local food producers have given birth to a bistro that is "simply tasty"

The Michelin three star restaurant "L'Effervescence". Norihito Nemoto, who has been contributing to its taste, is now showing his close relationship with the local food providers. The localized French that he makes will have everyone exclaiming that it is "simply tasty".

Chef: Norihito Nemoto

I'm very excited to be opening in THE RESTAURANT, a new type of restaurant floor in Hiroo that has never existed before. I'm looking forward to the synergy that will be created by bringing together a variety of different types of restaurants with their own unique tastes, as well as meeting with other high profile chefs and showing off our skills.

Restaurant Information

Opening Hours
Weekdays 15:00-23:00(22:00L.O.)
Saturday,Sunday,Holiday 11:30-23:00(22:00L.O.)
Phone Number
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