Freshly fried tempura and good drinks, rounded off with 100% pure soba noodles!

Pure soba using only buckwheat from Shinshu and carefully extracted dashi stock are used to make this highly recommended cold soba. Completed with staple side dishes such as kamaboko and scrambled eggs or freshly fried tempura, it is not only good for lunch but also to round off an evening out on the town.

Manager: Yoshihisa Mizoguchi

The quality and dedication of the other stores and THE RESTAURANTS high aims made me want to participate. We have special lunchtime set menus, but we will also be offering our full menu throughout the day, so you can enjoy the soba-mae and tempura on sticks with a selection of sake, or our signature mori-soba, at anytime.

Restaurant Information

Opening Hours
11:30-15:00(14:30L.O.) / 17:00-22:00(21:00L.O.)
* We close when buckwheat flour runs out.
Phone Number
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